Thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in helping out at the next trail working bees. The delay at the moment is the ongoing wet weather, which is making it impossible to get trailer loads of road base and rock into most of the sites that require work following the 6 hour. The trails committee have done a complete audit of the trail and the repairs that will be required, so we are all good to go when we get a decent break from the rain. Areas have been prioritised according to the sections of track that will be used in upcoming events (the Women’s event at the end of October and the All Schools event in mid November).

So for now, we are calling on as many of you as possible who love riding out at Pomi, to spare us even a couple of hours of your time on the 15th and 16th of October and the 22nd and 23rd of October. More details will be provided by the trails committee closer to the time, but for now, please pencil the dates into your calendars. The club will provide a free BBQ for all helpers and Cricketers Arms Lager will be provided at the end of each days work, thanks to Andrew Bradley.

Thanks everyone