Joining MTB Wagga

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Joining MTB Wagga

Joining the MTB Wagga Club helps us apply resources to preserve the trails and keep Mountain Bike activities and events happening in the region. 

Members join MTB Wagga through Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA)

"Mountain Bike Australia is the peak body for mountain biking in Australia. The Australian Government through the Australian Sports Commission recognises Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) to develop mountain biking in Australia."

source (accessed June 2018)

If you are thinking you are going to enter some events, you might consider the Full (Race) Membership. Full membership of MTBA and MTB Wagga provides you with:

  • Additional insurance coverage for the time you are ‘just’ riding your bike at the same level as the great coverage you get in competition.

  • You only have to fill in forms once every 12 months instead of at every event, saving you time and the club volunteer’s time in administration.

  • Your membership fee has helped to finance IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) Australia who lobby Local and State Governments and land managers to open, build and maintain trails that are local to you.

  • A full MTBA membership can be used at events held by any other affiliated MTBA club throughout Australia, including at state or national level. You can even accrue UCI points at selected national level events!

  • Lastly, a full MTBA membership saves you money – for a junior if you participate in just 4 or more events or for a senior if you participate in only 5 or more events in 12 months you save!


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